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Getting Started with LCSW Supervision

Texas LCSW Supervision


​Meeting Time: 

Group 1: Starts February  12th 

Location: Virtual 

2nd and 4th | Monday | 6:45pm to 8:45pm

Monthly Group Cost: $240

Currently Accepting New Supervisees


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What to expect


When an LMSW is under supervision, they typically meet with their supervisor for 4 hours per month. In my program, all sessions are online using Zoom. You can live anywhere in Texas and participate in supervision, and most people participate in a two-hour group session twice per month. You must meet with your supervisor for 100 total hours in no less than 24 months, and it cannot take longer than 48 months to complete supervision. During this time, you must be employed and work at least 30 hours per week to be eligible to complete the supervision process in, or close to, 24 months.

If you work part-time, you need to be working at least 15 hours per week to complete supervision within 48 months. Part-time employees will need one hour of supervision per 40 work hours (usually 2-3 supervision hours per month). Three-thousand total work hours are required before you can apply to sit for the licensing exam.

When I began supervision towards my LCSW, I met individually with my supervisor and switched to groups when she started to offer them. I enjoyed the group setting as it provided feedback from peers, often working in different fields, as well as the supervisor.


How do I know if my job qualifies as a clinical social work position?

I'm often asked this question. The board has determined that if you assess, diagnose and treat mental health or substance abuse issues using DSM-V criteria for at least four hours per week, you are eligible for LCSW supervision. Don’t get too concerned about making a formal diagnosis. In many settings, it is the physicians, psychiatrists, or independently licensed mental health professionals who diagnose clients or patients. If you’re using a diagnostic skill set and/or screening tools when working with clients or patients, you are fulfilling this requirement.

I have supervised social workers employed by behavioral health hospitals and outpatient programs, medical hospitals, home health, hospice, schools, dialysis clinics, military bases, the VA, CPS, non-profits, insurance companies, EAP programs, private practices, and even police departments and prisons. As long as you have personal client or patient interactions and utilize clinical skills, you probably meet LCSW supervision criteria.


What is a typical group like?

Group members typically present cases or ethical dilemmas they encounter at work and receive feedback from myself and other group members. We’ll also work on understanding the DSM-V, different therapeutic modalities, medications, and how to “think” for the LCSW exam. I love being a therapist, and I want my supervisees to grow as clinicians but also be able to pass the exam. Macro issues are often relevant to our individual clients and patients, and it's important to draw macro and mezzo issues into clinical discussion.


Getting started

Several times a year, I host free “Intro to Supervision” sessions; these are a wonderful way to learn about the supervision process. This allows us both to be sure we are a good fit for each other before embarking on the two-to-four year supervision journey.


Once you decide to pursue LCSW supervision, we will complete a social work supervision agreement and the clinical supervision plan. I will also ask you to copy me on an email to your work supervision informing them that you have begun LCSW supervision with me. As of February 9, 2021, we no longer submit paperwork to the board when you begin supervision.

My program costs $240 per month for 4 hours of supervision. You will typically attend two 2-hour supervision sessions each month. This allows you to complete supervision in 25 months. Some employers will reimburse you for your supervision cost. Be sure to ask!

My supervision is primarily in the group format, however I will schedule individual sessions with you as required by the board. For supervisees who occasionally want an individual session, I charge the $60 hourly rate and typically schedule a one hour meeting by phone. I am not currently accepting new supervises who require more than 4 individual sessions per year.

If you haven't already, please [email protected] to let me know you're interested in supervision!



I suggest creating a binder or computer folder for your supervision documents. I've never heard of the board auditing someone's supervision information, but supposedly they can, so we both need to keep our ducks in a row.

There is some paperwork you'll need to complete and email back to me. I will email a PDF containing everything you need including state forms and my supervision agreement. Since you will be doing outside supervision separate from your job, please copy me on an email to your boss stating that you’ve begun LCSW supervision. I’ll send you an example of the email language with the other paperwork.

As of February 9, 2021, we no longer submit supervision applications to the board. Save a copy of the paperwork and the email you sent to your boss.


Texas Helpful Links

Jurisprudence Examination. You must take this when you apply for any social work license or to upgrade your LMSW to LCSW. The certificate for taking the exam is only valid for 6 months. This costs $39.

Clinical Supervision Verification Form for LCSW. Complete this form once you have completed supervision or if you wish to stop supervision.

Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners. This is the new Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council website for anything else you might need.

Online Scheduling. Once you are in my supervision program, you can view a log of your past sessions and manage your schedule online.

Rachel Phillips, LPC- S



My goal is to model good Professional Counseling practice, ethics, and values as a supervisor and contribute to the professional development of my colleagues.

What can I expect from supervision under you and what therapeutic skills will you teach me?

You can expect a judgement free space. I provide a private and collaborative atmosphere to facilitate authentic discussions. I introduce multiple techniques to encourage supervisees to explore modalities that best suite their personal and professional values.  Each month, I spend time reviewing literature and gathering materials to plan topics relevant to the development of clinical skills.

​Meeting Time: 

Group 1: Starts August 5th 

Location: Virtual 

1st and 3rd | Saturday | 10:00am to 12:00pm

Cost: $60/Hr


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